Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Easy Breezy, Windham Challenge

 A combo post of the last few days...

I completed sewing the two quilt halves of my version of the  Easy-Breezy leader-ender and laid it out on our CalKing bed. Easy-Breezy by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville was the leader-ender that ran September 2020-2021.  I wanted a less busy setting so used 3.5x6.5" light bricks in place of Bonnie's neutral sashings and cornerstones. 

I've wanted another quilt for our bed that was lighter in color and less traditional.  This is certainly nice and light! However, there is a wart staring at me...

This block with dark rectangles stands out way too much.  I have leftover blocks so will audition them to replace this one.  It will be annoying but the placement is just too distracting!  There will have to be borders all around in order to fit this big bed.  The quilt you see under it did shrink more than anticipated once quilted and washed, which was disappointing, so I will make this one bigger.

My next project to ponder is the Windham Challenge for Sewtopia Palm Springs in November.

Pretty collection of prints in blues.  I am considering using a block from this Kim Brackett book.  It is called Triple Star.  If my sister gives me her fabrics, I think I can make four blocks for a small quilt. I drew an alternate woven block for variety. The retreat is in the early part of November so just over a month away. So glad travel will be by car for us!

Last year I made this pillow cover: 

It was a finalist and I got to pick out a prize :)


Janet O. said...

Yes, that one block does stand out quite a bit, but it is also kind of charming. And I would probably have to switch it out, too, but if I found something like that in a vintage quilt, I would love it. Isn't that crazy?
Love the fabrics for your Windham Challenge.
Fun kitty block, with the dimensional balls. What kitty doesn't love to play with a ball? :)

Kate said...

Good luck with your make over. At least you caught it now and not after you'd done all the quilting. Happy stitching this weekend.

Tanya said...

I can see why you'd want to change the block though it does add interest. Making a large quilt always sounds good to me until I have to start quilting it! By hand and I know I'll have months ahead of me. My machine and I wonder if I'll be able to maneuver the quilt around. Oh to have access to a long arm!

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