Monday, December 5, 2022

Design Wall Monday--Holiday Quilts

Design Wall Monday--Joining up once again with Judy of Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.  

Happy December!  November sure seemed to last a long time, but I know the next few weeks will fly fast.  I spent some time over the weekend getting out Christmas decor; I got a lot of steps counted with all the decorating. 

The projects of the moment in the sewing room are both Christmas related too. 

My arms got quite a workout quilting the Meadowland Christmas quilt. Having quilted all the diagonal lines, I figured out a way to quilt the center shapes in two passes.  My arms did get quite a workout moving around this 65" square quilt. I also ordered fabric from this line (We Whisk You a Merry Christmas) from an Etsy seller for binding--it will be the green/black plaid print.  I will make bias binding for a fun finish. 

I did catch the batting edge at one point, haha, but was able to trim it closely and tease out all the fibers without having to remove any of the quilting.  While I decide on motifs for the white squares, I turned my attention to an old project. 

Many years ago, when I first started quilting, I made this tablerunner. which was an AP&Q magazine cover project. It was an ambitious project for a new quilter!  My binding skills were not great then and I was never entirely happy with the finished look, so I decided finally to remove the too wide binding.  I found the trimmed seam allowance isn't the most even, but I can adjust a little. 

I have two options from stash, a stripe and a dot.  

I like the stripe a lot but am concerned it is distracting from the poinsettias in the center...

...and the dot is okay but is a different shade from the corner squares and the dots are far apart.  Opinions welcome!  


Dotti in CT said...

I agree the stripe is a bit strong for the piece.

Janet O. said...

I hear you on the arm workout pushing a large quilt around under the needle! Good save on the batting caught on the back.
Well, I will be the odd-man out and say that I really like the striped binding. I think it adds a little holiday pizzazz to the whole thing. I looked up the definition of "pizzazz" and I think it fits here--"An attractive combination of vitality and glamour."
But if you want a more subdued, dignified look, the dot works. :)

Judy Hansen said...

I love the stripe and a narrow binding will compliment the poinsettas very nicely. If it was a very wide binding, it wouldn’t work, ut I really like the little bit of stripes peeking out at the edge of the middle picture. Hugs, Judy

Kate said...

Reds are hard to match. Maybe you should go with a gold or neutral, that might be easier to get a good fit. Good luck!

Tanya said...

I like the dots. You have enough of an assortment of reds so that you probably won't notice a non-perfect match.

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