Thursday, December 1, 2022

Moving Things Along

 I'll be working on getting tops turned into quilts for some time!  There was more walking foot quilting over the long holiday weekend.  The APQ charity quilt got finished.  I first quilted around all the rows of mini charm squares. 

That left some gaps on the back. 

I decided I wanted all the vertical and horizontal lines quilted. The quilt did have to go in time out for a short time when the Sulky variegated thread refused to cooperate at the beginning of the stitching line. 

All done with quilting.  I need to decide on a binding color. 

More walking foot quilting started on the Meadowland quilt. 

I got most of the long diagonal lines ditch stitched. Pondering quilting ideas for the blocks themselves but haven't thought of anything brilliant!

There were lots of folks putting up holiday lights and decorations on the weekend. I'll get started on ours since I de-Fall decorated over the weekend too.  


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Oh, it's not nice when the pesky thread refuses to cooperate. Sometimes, I find giving it a good talking to helps. You made a good choice in how you quilted the charity quilt. It looks great and should hold up well. Happy quilting! -Andrea

Sherrill said...

That's so funny! I started on the quilt like your blue one after running across it in an old magazine. I've seen several of Jo's quilts while perusing old magazines..trouble! LOL Right now I'm trying to use up stash and most will be donations although there's one I'm liking so much I doubt I can give it away!!

Janet O. said...

Great job getting the donation quilt quilted up!
And another quilt right behind it, going under the needle. You are so productive!
What a beautiful shot of dusk on your street. My favorite time to be out walking the neighborhood--though last night it was more dark than dusk. We woke up to about a half foot of snow this morning. Hubby loved a chance to play with the new-to-him snow blower that came our way when we settled my parents' estate last year. Doesn't look like you would have need of such a thing! :)

Kate said...

Congrats on all the progress! I was going to decorate this weekend, but then we had a water leak on the second floor, so that's going to wait till we figure out what's next on that front.

Tanya said...

You are always so good with the walking foot. I can't even find mine though I was thinking I would use it for my latest quilt... The old foot may not even fit my Juki machine (I had a Brother before) so I'm not even bothering to look for it as I never had much luck in the first place with stitching cross lines.

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