Saturday, February 4, 2023

Mats and Scrappy Piecing

 I've continued to work on the mats I showed last time.  I'm having a great time playing with these scrappy smalls. 

This skinny mini I ditch quilted and gave to my manicurist friend along with the larger mat I cut it from. Stacy liked them both :)

I was able to use batting cuttoffs for all the mats, though I did have to piece some together to bring them up to size.

 I found that using  slightly oversized backing and batting worked best for me in stitching  the layers.  The 1/4" seam didn't try to curl or jam at the corners and the excess was easily trimmed with scissors before turning the sandwich right-side out. 

There was more design work on the scrappy churn dash and cross block top.  More 3.5" squares were sewn up and added all around. 

I'm liking the shapes and colors of this scrappy squirrel. The top measures about 33 inches square at this point.  I'm still thinking about making small star blocks, perhaps just for the corners, and considering a stop border between the patchwork and stars.  I cruised Pinterest for some border ideas, which was fun. A  stop at JoAnn's Fabric resulted in some bargain remnant  white background pieces. I was there primarily to pick up some easy-threading needles, but couldn't pass up the 50% off  yardage price. One piece was an entire yard, whoop whoop!

Getting back to the bookshelf quilt for my niece, which has been on the design wall for months, is February's goal. Since it is a short month, design decision-making needs to be ramped up. I've been stalled for too long!


Kate said...

All of your minis are really cute. It has to feel nice to get some of those smaller odds and ends out of the sewing room and into finished projects. Good luck with your February goal.

Nann said...

Oh, I like the 9 patch and shoofly blocks! And 3.5" squares? I have a box of those. Hmmm....

Janet O. said...

You are really making use of small pieces, and it appears you are having fun in the process. Win/win!

Tanya said...

Very nice! I wish I had access to discounted fabric. I don't know where left-overs go in Japan but they don't end up in my local fabric store.

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