Monday, August 3, 2015

A Quilt for Sagen

I had a power session yesterday to complete the quilting, binding, and label for the comfort quilt I've been making for our neighbor's 12 year old son Sagen, who has an osteosarcoma (bone tumor) on his leg and has been receiving chemotherapy in preparation for surgery probably later this month.  

Sagen and his mom squinting in the blazing sunset with the finished quilt--he loved it!  He asked me, "How did you make this?" and I told him how quilters buy yards of fabric, cut it up into small pieces and then sew it all back together again :).  Here are some details:

I started with quilting the black chains.  I had seen a fun detail on Pinterest where a quilter had interspersed a few zig zag stitches among straight line quilting.  I used my three-step zig zag stitch for this quilt. 
This is what the zig zag detail looks like on the back. I like it!

I then changed thread numerous times to quilt all the green blocks, using a very simple curvy line in the prints. My sister said they looked a bit like hands.  Originally I was just going to leave the white background unquilted, but it looked so unfinished that I quickly did a large meander through.  I left the white squares in the blocks unquilted for variety. You can see the green print on the edges that I used to for the binding.

The backing was another Pinterest idea, a "zipper" style, with a simple piecing technique.  I had to do this because of MATH problems--I had not ordered quite enough of the striped flannel from Connecting Threads so bought some black flannel from my local fabric store to expand the backing.  I then had so much of the flannel left that I made a matching pillowcase.

Here is Sagen wrapped in his quilt.  I named it "Love and Luck" and told him that the "hands" in the blocks could either be the hands of all the people helping him, or the hands he's going to high five when he beats cancer.  I also told him the significance of the red block, the heart of the quilt where all the extra love is. He loved it and the pillowcase--his mom said he always brings his own pillow to the chemo sessions.  We're all pulling for you, Sagen!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Few Finishes and Some Further Along

Despite the awful heat and humidity following some wonderful rain, some stitching is still happening here.  It is nice to have a few items checked off the list!  

First is the reproduction doll quilt Pink Lemonade, from Lori of Humble Quilt's quiltalong from a few years ago.  I've been hand quilting this and finally put the last stitch in early one morning. 

 I like the way the big stitches give it some depth and tone down the yellow a bit. 

 One of my favorite green blocks.

Closeup of the two color binding I made to simulate a flange.  Much more accurate for me! I'm going to enter this in our County Fair and the deadline is Sunday so I'm glad this one is done.

Then there is a duo finish.  I promised DD Erica some Euro pillows as a Christmas gift, but she had to wait until Christmas in July for them to be delivered to her room. 

 The first zippered cover took much longer than the second to make.  Isn't that always true?  I bought the 26" Euro pillow forms at Kohl's on a good sale at Christmas. 

I really like the texture from the simple Kantha style stiching.  I used ombre thread for machine stitching first, and then ombre embroidery floss.  Now I'm going to need some of these for my own bed!

A near finish for the Any Witch Way quilt--the guild president is a longarm quilter and did a great job on this small quilt.  (For those who ask, the pattern from Quiltmaker Sept/Oct 2009  is now available as a digital issue per my search today!)

It's a bit hard to see, but she did pebbling in all the black border and put a spiderweb in each corner. So fun!

All I have to add is the binding and this will be ready for Fair entry too.  These witches have been waiting a long time for a finish.  I can't wait to finally hang this up at Halloween after 6 years.

I spent a steamy Sunday watching TV while big stitching on this pillow that I want to enter in the Fair.  I've only just realized when taking the picture that I forgot to add the border strips of white before quilting.   Hmm.  Not sure what I'm going to do about that. 

In other stitchy news, I've now completed the back of the quilt for my cancer-stricken neighbor and made a companion pillowcase out of the flannel.  This is what happens when you are THIS SHORT of backing fabric and have to buy a coordinating flannel to make the quilt back the way you want it...I'm hoping to get it basted tonight and have already decided on a quilting plan as well as the binding color so things should move along!

We got to see Grandson Cove a lot over the weekend.  He had his first traditional Swedish pancake made by Papa and made lots of yummy noises while eating.  He's always busy running everywhere and is talking more and more all the time.  Very exciting when he calls us Mimi and Papa!  His Mama sent me this photo of him looking out their window.

Love him to bits!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Design Wall Monday--July 13, 2015

On my design surface is the ongoing comfort quilt project for our neighbor's son who has cancer.  I now have a finished top to show:

About that one red block...

I like my quilts to have a "heart", where all the extra love and good wishes lay right over the recipient's heart when they draw the quilt over them. I've done this for a lot of quilts and people seem to like it. 

I've got the flannel for the backing all ironed and need to do just a bit of math to figure out the best way to piece the backing.  Have you ever seen a fabric fray in swags like this?  I thought it amusing.  I'll take the top to my guild meeting Monday night.  I'm also going to pick up my witches quilt which has now been professionally quilted.  Can't wait to see what it looks like!

Other progress on the second and third quilts in progress include deboning about 13 shirts from my brother-in-law's closet, and cutting a bunch of background squares and print squares for the Bullseye top remodel for my brother.  I need to sew faster!

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Design Wall Monday--July 6, 2015

We had a great 4th of July weekend, spending time with lots of family and watching the fireworks from my parents' backyard.  Grandson Cove (16 months) was a little scared at first, but his Great Auntie Kathy had explained before they started that they would be really loud and go "pow pow" and "boom boom".  He had his eyes glued on the display while in his mother's arms, and kept saying "boom boom".  He was totally worn out by the end of that long day!  

On my design surface today are some completed blocks for the comfort quilt I'm making our neighbor's son, who has an osteosarcoma on his leg and is undergoing chemo prior to surgery  He's feeling well enough to join his All-Star baseball teammates in the dugout this week. 

I'm liking these so far!  I've been careful with my piecing so the top will go together easily once all 20 blocks are complete. I got 10 done yesterday.

Next one is laid out next to my machine with the others stacked and ready to go.  

I also managed to finally finish the big-stitch embroidery on some pillow fronts for Euro pillows I promised daughter Erica at Christmas!  This was the second of the two fronts.  Now on to the pillow construction.  I've already got the zippers and pillow inserts as well as the back pieces cut.  I'll have to revisit my notes to see what finished size I planned.  Don't want them to be too big or too small.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Design Wall Monday 6/29/15

On this last Design Wall Monday of June, I have a mockup of the block for the comfort quilt I'm making for our neighbor's son who has an osteosarcoma and is undergoing chemotherapy.

This is a variation of Jacob's Ladder that I found HERE (scroll down to the bottom for this version). Yesterday I got all the black and white 4 patches cut and sewn so will be ready for block assembly--I'm making 20 12" blocks.  My goal is to have the quilt finished in a week. The flannel I ordered from Connecting Threads has arrived and will be perfect.

I'm actually in the middle of three quilts for others.  My brother texted me a few days ago that he needs a quilt for his queen sized bed and I offered the bullseye quilt top I made last year.  Searching my pictures, it seems I haven't got a photo of the completed top.  I chose the gingham as an inner border and the Thimbleberries print as the outer border but in they were not attached yet in this shot.

However, it is far too small to cover a queen bed so I have pulled a lot of neutrals and old stash in colors similar to the above gifted blocks (Thanks again, Mary of Quilt Hollow!) to make an additional border of the bullseye blocks.  I'll decide on additional border sizes once these blocks are attached.  I seem to have plenty of stash to choose from!

Third quilt I'm making is for my sister-in-law.  My husband Grant's older half-brother Jan died suddenly in March from a recurrent brain tumor, and I offered to make a quilt from some of his dress and casual shirts.  This is the quilt I pinned on Pinterest with her in mind, which I found HERE

On Saturday we took a trip down the coast to see her and go through the closet to select some of her favorites of Jan's clothes.

It was an overcast day but still wonderful to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and look at the ocean.  This large bed of seaweed caught my eye.  

I took pictures of at least three different flocks of pelicans cruising the coastline as we drove south.

Lots of people out enjoying the early summer weather in Malibu. Lots and lots of cyclists...

We had a good visit with our sister-in-law and she picked out some shirts and I chose others to coordinate, with Grant coming home with several suits and even a tuxedo, as well as some other shirts and slacks.  After a lovely lunch and a visit to Jan's boat in the Marina Del Rey harbor with her son and his girlfriend, we headed home, with promises to get together again soon for a harbor sail.  

 We got home near sunset and the sky was gorgeous. 

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