Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family dinners

Family has come into town and we had the first of a bunch of summer family dinners last night at my Mom and Dad's. My younger brother Ted and his wife and 3 kids live in Scottsdale, AZ but have a house here as well and come out for the summer. Ted told me that there were 16 days in May over 100 in AZ, a new record. Sheesh. Of course, it seems really cold to them here and my SIL especially is wearing a sweater or coat whenever I see her! Also at dinner last night were a cousin and his wife. There was the usual conversation about what kind of cousin, second, third, etc. I just say COUSIN. It is so much simpler that way! They came north from L.A. to give their new little convertible a chance to visit some windy roads, of which there are plenty to choose from. I looked over their printed maps and pointed out the windiest road I have ever been on---a 14 mile drive from Highway 1 to Jalama Beach, an unspoiled state park just north of Point Conception, where the highway leaves the coast and turns inland. I took Grant on this ride last fall for an afternoon outing---we paid our state beach day parking fee, walked over the dunes and up and down the beach where there was no one but us, and watched the sunset. We ate a Jalama Burger and headed back to the main road before it got full dark. That very windy road is very NARROW and gave Grant a bit of anxiety! Once again, my post content has veered away, but suffice it to say, I love family get-togethers and we had a houseful last night, especially when my other brother Tyler and three of his 6 kids came, and two of my other brother Kevin's 3 kids came over later. There were 17 of us for dinner, a typical number! Today there are tennis tournaments for one family, a trip to Disneyland for another, golfing for Grant, a trip to Vegas for Elaine, and work for Erica. As for me, I have a deadline to meet for my words project for Tonya, Hope is a Four Letter Word. Wish me luck as I make this second attempt!

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