Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Peace

Tuesdays have always been my favorite day of the week. Maybe because I was born on one, maybe because it is then no longer Monday! Lately, in my three-jobs working world, Tuesday is my early night. I usually get off Job #3 at 5 pm, and sometimes earlier if the doc wants to get going. Today was one of those early days. It was only 20 minutes or so, but so nice to walk into my house with plenty of daylight left. I came home to a quiet and empty house and went straight to my computer to visit all my fav blogs. I even left the dog outside so I didn't have to referee any cat chasing activities. The window of our office (DH Grant and I share) overlooks the side yard. I can hear Russell when he barks. He has chewed himself a snout-sized hole in the bottom of the gate and when he barks with his snout through there it is muffled and sounds hilarious. I'm not really a dog lover but he's a pretty good dog--He just turned 9 the other day. Let's see if I can find a good pic:
Russell is a red merle Aussie with half-blue eyes. He is pretty small, about 40 lbs and a docked tail. He really needs his summer haircut right now! Not to be left out, a pic of my kitty, Mini. She is a "diluted" tortoiseshell, a term I had never heard before DD Erica brought her home as a kitten. Here she is, inspecting Bear's quilt back in December. When I am sewing, she likes to hang out under the ironing board. She's a small cat but a great huntress. Yesterday morning she left the goriest kill yet on the back patio. It is too revolting to detail here other than to say there was a beheaded and dismembered rodent lying there! Mini is about 4 I think.
We have another cat but she is the twitchiest thing ever and I have no pics of her, a full tortoiseshell named Amelie, about 5 years old. She spends all her time in DD Erica's room even though she was DD Elaine's cat originally, and Mini was Erica's but spends all her indoor time on my side of the bed or with me. Anyway, I seem to have digressed a lot from the title of this post, but Tuesday still is my favorite weekday. When we were first married, Grant had split days off in his work as a bread delivery driver (Weds and Sun) and our date night used to be Tuesdays. I have a date with my sewing machine tonight and he has one with the Lakers!


andsewitis Holly said...

Great post. I love meeting people's pets. My favorite days are M-W-Friday's. I have something to look forward to on each of those days. Kinda nice that they are spread out. Keeps me looking forward all week. The cherry on the top is Saturday.

Your dress is darling! Congrats to the happy couple.

Stephanie D. said...

So, how did the dates go? lol