Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quilt weekend

Thursday morning my SIL Laura the new quiltophile called me and said, "God, Ann, its a damn sickness!" She had been surfing the web and finding quilts she HAD to make! I told her I was a pusher and I had gotten her hooked. She's got it bad...(mmmmwaha ha ha).

Thurs evening I had an actual alcoholic beverage while at Bunco night, for which I received several high fives! I also brought Grant's quilt to share. The Bunco gals were impressed until another player arrived with her share item. Way to show me up Heidi, I bring a quilt, you bring a newborn BABY. Jeez, I made something with fabric, you made LIFE. How could I compete?

The Great Quilt Weekend didn't start out that way. My sister flew in Thurs from MO but I didn't see her until Friday afternoon--after I had fielded two calls from Job #3, gone to Job #1's hospital to pick up some annual procedural manual thingie I have to study and take a test on, and gone to Job #2 to finish up some leftover work from Thurs and to have a meeting with an employee who did a bad thing. She didn't show up. So I sat in on a insurance meeting.

My quilt happiness began Friday afternoon--we three bugged out to Carpinteria and went to The Treasure Hunt. I didn't find anything I had to have but was helpful in pointing out fabrics for Kathy and Laura. I'm good that way! No sewing actually happened until today, when the girls came over to help me with Nick's Monster. Laura pulled the quilt along as it bunched up while I channel quilted and Kathy provided QC, prompting Laura when she slacked off. I will finish the last eight rows of quilting tonight and get the binding pieces sewn together. A finish in July is my goal!

Tomorrow we head to Long Beach in the early morning for the International Quilt Festival. I have several things I'm looking for in the vendor area, and we'll all have a great time seeing the exhibits. Monday there will be more quilting play and then sadly it will end when I have to go back to work and Kathy home. Pics to come!


Stephanie D. said...

Can't wait for the pictures! Bet you succumb to temptation there!

Tanya said...

OOh! I want to go to the Long Beach quilt festival! I didn't even know there was one! And my son even lives in Long Beach! Guess he isn't interested enough to give me that sort of information. Looking forward to your report!