Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Oct 26, 2010

Tuesday already?  Whoosh--where did that week go?
  • I had the privilege of paying $108 for one night at an (Un)Comfort Inn while down south for my brother's birthday.  The hotel was smack next to the I-15 freeway with a drive thru fast food place next door and a huge gas station, plus a 24 Hour Fitness behind it that had its windows being cleaned all night by some large machine.  However, most of that outside noise was covered up by quite possibly the LOUDEST air conditioner/fan ever.  It sounded like a compressor in a workshop.
  • Waking up approximately 400 times between 11PM and 6AM did nothing for my youthful glow.  I was actually grateful to find it was near dawn when I finally stopped trying to sleep! 
  • My childhood girlfriend Toni, who was at my brother's party and who has always sewn, says she wants to start quilting but needs to catch on her scrapbooking first.  She has been saying that for 6 years.  I told her not to wait a minute more, and to just start with 15 minutes a day of quilting.  I know she'll love it. (Mwah ha ha, another cult member getting the hook!)
  • It's hard not to be a backseat driver--especially as a parent!  I was chastised by my offspring for that, but particularly for commenting out loud on how little traffic we had run into, halfway through our trip.  There were immediate countercurses uttered and knocking of wood.  But it didn't work, I jinxed us and we ran into our first slowdown moments later. 
  • Traffic rant of the week:  Turn signals, people!  Or, alternatively, turn OFF the turn signal.  Oh, and don't change lanes at 75-80 mph without turning your actual head and looking--we are already occupying this space!  (There may have been a screech or two from the backseat driver...)
  • Playing peekaboo with babies is one of the sweetest joys of being an Auntie. 
  • My littlest niece and nephew give a high five followed by a fist bump.  That's pretty adorable too!
  • Boys will make a contest/game out of ANYTHING. 
  • Not only do I flaunt with quilting deadlines, but I make it even more exciting.

The cardboard is indeed showing here and the bobbin was showing its center too.  Thankfully I made it to the end of the quilting before the end of the spool!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You love on the edge, don't you? With thread, with your transportation and your lodging. Funny stuff here~ ;)

Shay said...

There's nothing like travel to broaden the mind and mess with your sleep patterns Annie!

I keep trying to induct my friends into the cult but nobody is biting!

I feel a HUGE sense of satsifaction when I get to the end of my sewing and realise I have 12 inches of thread (or less) left in the bobbin. Take that universe!

Vivian said...

Most days my DH doesn't seem to remember there's such a thing as a turn signal lever. Is it a guy thing?

Boy, I hope you gave the management a piece of your mind when you checked out. That's ridiculous! You couldn't have thought up more ways to compromise your sleep if you'd tried.