Saturday, April 23, 2011

On the agenda

The quilting agenda, that is.  First up, I need to get a label made and the quilt I finished for the Brown Bag Challenge sent off to Quilts for Japan by April 30th.  Next, quilting commences on Kitchen Sink.  The sandwich was pinned last night and I can finally return my mom and dad's portable tables to them. With two of these tables and the bed risers I bought, it is a cinch to pin standing up rather than crawling. 

Pondering quilting designs but will probably go with a simple crosshatch for the center, stitch in the ditch around the inner border, and a swirly/loopy effect in the outer border.  Or not!  This is otherwise known as ITIS quilting (I'll Try It and See).

Thirdly, my UFO Challenge project of the month, Cheddar & Cinnamon, is lacking four 9-patches to be able to start assembly.  I get to play with some of my yummy new green CW print loot. I like the contrast of the greens with the cinnamon and cheddar fabrics.  Okay, ready to get checking off my list!


Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like you are going to be busy. Anything with green is a good thing.

Kate said...

Lots of progress. I like the ITIS approach!

Quilter Kathy said...

This is perfect - you have something to piece and something to quilt...what could be better?!?!

Vivian said...

I have to remember ITIS. That seems to be the way I've been quilting my projects lately. Another quilting acronym to add to my list.

I used to have a ping-pong table in one end of our living room for 10-11 months per year. It was a 2-man job to put up or take down. That's in the garage now, and I've switched to utility tables set up (sitting on risers). One is always up for cutting and such, and the 2nd one goes up next to it if I'm pinning a big Q sandwich. I like being able to manage it myself.

Your Kitchen Sink Q looks great. It's one of many I've marked to do from Kim's books.

Sherrill said...

Those bed riser things make a HUGE difference. We use them on the cutting tables up at church--makes for a much happier back!! You're so brave to quilt your own quilts!

Karen said...

Love the Kitchen Sink! Be sure and upload it to Magnolia Bay Quilts Flickr account. I know someone in Japan will treasure it.