Friday, July 8, 2011

The British are coming!

Actually, William and Kate, the newlywed royals, have already been in Southern California for a few hours now.  But tomorrow they will pass through my city on their way to the Santa Barbara Polo Grounds, some 25 miles north of here.  It is said to be the only public venue of their trip and tickets are $400-$4000 to see William play polo and Kate award the winner's trophy.  The Polo Grounds are close to ritzy enclave Montecito, where many celebrities have homes palatial estates, including Oprah.  No doubt a sizable crowd will attend and much money will be made to benefit charity. 

I always had a special affection for Princess Diana, as we were born the same year and she was ever in the news all her too-short life, along with her boys and of course Prince Charles, with whom I share a birthday. The newlywed royals seem to have much more in common and to be a lot happier than Diana and Charles ever were.  It was so very sad watching William and Harry follow her coffin in the streets, the flowers on the hood with the card addressed to "Mummy".  I hope William and Kate have much more happiness in their future and hope some littler royals come along soon.  Although with those hips, Kate may require a C-section!

Our youngest arrived last night for an 11 day visit from Arizona.  Erica said that when she landed in Burbank and it was "only 84 degrees" she was really pleased--having been baking in 110 degree plus weather for a couple of weeks.  It is nice to have two of our chicks here in the nest.

There was a free block of time in my schedule this morning so I got my sewing machine going again after its spa day.  Purr purr purr

The last four leader-ender Baby Boxes and the first block of the new leader-ender got stitched along with another row of the wedding quilt.  Talk about multitasking!  DD Elaine/Bride to Be has thought of a couple more things I can make for the wedding so a trip to the fabric store is planned for the weekend. July's list of sewing/quilting goals is pretty ambitious--good thing my machine is in tip top shape! 


quiltmom said...

The royals visited down south in Calgary( 200 miles) and up north in Slave Lake where there was a terrible wild fire last month.
The most touching thing I saw from their visit here in Canada, was a little 6 year old girl named Diamond who had received an introduction to the Prince and Princess through Children's make a wish foundation. She has Stage 4 sarcoma and the Royals were lovely with her. So sad to see such a little one with cancer.
Have a great weekend.

Vivian said...

You're steaming right along with all your leaders and enders. Isn't it nice that Bonnie's suggestions help us get something accomplished? It's so tiresome just stitching on those ugly little fabric chunks that get thick and heavy with stitches.

William and Kate are indeed fun to see, and the media frenzy around them probably won't back off any time soon. Loved your comment about her hips :)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You make me laugh... Kate's hips! ;)

You're super productive. I blame Bonnie for making me feel guilty if I'm not piecing two things at one time! Ha!!

Libby said...

With the royals visiting this weekend and 'Car-magedon' next weekend, we are staying deep in San Diego county for the time being. I have been wanting to visit the central coast . . . but I can wait *s*

Candace said...

Like you, Annie - I have always had an affection for the royals - been to England numerous times and never pass up an opportunity to visit something from the royal history! Happy visiting with your daughter - looks that that and your multi-tasking will make for a very busy weekend!

loulee said...

Yes, but the royals won't be visiting the Beckhams!!
Those lil blue pieces look delish.

Finn said...

Would be hard not to enjoy seeing such a lovely young couple doing sensible things and behaving like normal people. Since none of us got to choose who we were born to, may as well enjoy what they are able to do. I do wish them every happiness, William's life has had enough sorrow.
Love your Baby Boxes, can't wait to see them all together! Hugs, finn

Shay said...

William and Kate seem like a lovely couple who are going to do things their way which is good for the monarchy I think. I wish them a lifetime full of hapiness together.I wonder if they'll ever get to my part of the world?

How ownderful that you have two chicks home at the Orts nest!

Perry said...

Sounds like things are happening out your way. I was looking at your leaders and enders and I spy the green fabric on the far left that I am using as my basket handles in the Market Basket quilt I am doing. We have good taste! lol