Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do you do this?

I went shopping for pants to wear to work and came home with a jacket.  It's a new color for me, green (ha ha).  The fit was good and the fabric a nice brushed twill, with lots of the dressmaker details I like.

However, I pictured unwinding my long hair from the epaulet buttons multiple times per wearing.

They weren't even sewn into a seam so I knew my seam ripper would quickly be in use once I got the jacket home. 

A few stitches tacking the facing to the seam allowance to secure it...

...and the jacket is ready to launder and wear.  Removing that detail was quick and easy.  I often deconstruct new clothing--and sometimes old--with my seam ripper, especially flaps on pockets and labels in itchy spots. 

I still need pants, though!


Vivian said...

Ditto. I'm not afraid to modify things I bring home from a store, especially things that will feel uncomfortable like tags and strangely placed buttons. And I'm doggone proud of myself for making the changes, especially when I hear my non-sewing friends gripe and complain about something I could remedy with the same tools you used. Thank goodness I don't have very many non-sewing friends.
Great looking jacket with a lot of details.

Shay said...

That would fall into the category of clothing modification which is not something I ever do...I just buy things that don't need that kind of commitment from me.

Love the colour of that jacket. It has nice lines too...good luck on finding the pants. You're going to look funny going to work in your undies and a jacket!

Stephanie said...

Great jacket. I always go shopping for pants and never come home with any. If I win the lottery I'll spend my money on a personal sewer. :o)