Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Orts--October 2, 2012

Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and happenings that land here semi-regularly.
  • Since I haven't been working much, I've been dropping in on my parents more often. Yesterday we had been visiting for a bit and as I announced that I probably should leave, my mom said we needed lunch and suggested BLTs, my favorite.  She said she had homegrown farmer's market tomatoes, too.  I stayed.  Yummmm.
  • Grant and I continued our painting job Sunday, with me doing most of the prep and then climbing to the ceiling to do the cutting in while he held the ladder (he doesn't like heights).  We were nearly done with the second of three walls we wanted to complete when I realized that the 1/4 gallon of paint was all we had left--the other gallon paint can was EMPTY.  Well, we got 2/3 of the second wall painted, anyway!
  • Traffic Rant:  You don't usually expect to have to practice defensive driving in a parking lot, but yesterday three times in the same parking lot (Lowe's) a car pulled out from the aisle as I was driving along the main road in front of the store.  One driver looked me straight in the eye while he did it, the mallethead, knowing he did not have the right of way but coming anyway, making me have to brake.  The two other drivers didn't look my way AT ALL.   
  • Bunco last week was a White Trash theme.  The hostess strewed empty beer bottles, actual car tires, and bags of trash on her porch, entryway, and around her house.  Centerpieces were colorful newspaper ads, and she hot glued large plastic picnicware cups onto 99cent glass candleholders for wineglasses.  You should have seen some of the getups the ladies were wearing!  Hilarious.
  • Mini, my feline quilting assistant/supervisor, lost her voice some weeks ago.  She has mostly recovered it but still makes some odd sounds or sometimes opens her mouth with nothing coming out.  She sure can yell at treat time, though!
I was trying to get a funny photo of her holding the tennis ball with her front paws and kicking it with her hind legs, but as cats do, she had to stop in the middle and lick something.  What a face!


Janet O. said...

I LOVE doing the cutting in on a paint job. My family thinks I'm crazy, but I always assign myself that job, and volunteer to help friends with it, too, so I would have helped if you were nearby. : )

Libby said...

That may not be Mini's best pose - don't let her see that photo, or you may well pay for it dearly *s*

p.s. Can you hook me up with Janet O., the previous commenter? Cutting in is just THE WORST bit of torture for me.
I can remember suffering through getting that step done, knowing that rolling was to be my glory. Then Hubby would sail through the door after work to 'save me' from drudgery, grab the roller and take all the fun out the job *argh*

Michele said...

Painting oh my! We got new carpet recently, so we were busy painting the baseboards and a door or two. It always takes more time than I think it will. I hope you get yours done soon. I'm sure it looks great!

Candace said...

I'm the "cutter inner", too, Annie! I've learned some pretty cool tricks over the years to get to high places, too! Only problem is, I'm the painter, too - lolol! Had one of those drivers do that to me on the road today - he waved his hand out the window to stop me even though I had the right of way! What a funny pose for Mini - I love the one eye closed, too! So what did you wear to Bunco?

Pokey said...

I'm glad you were defensive enough to stay out of a mallethead's (LOL!) destruction. Oh, that White Trash theme party sounds like it was a hoot!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

I have a different name for those rude drivers but mallethead works.

Love to paint once I get going....hate cleaning up. Kind of like cooking. ;)


Shay said...

I always defer to Mr. P on matters of painting because I hate doing it so much. Sometimes playing the girly card does pay off!

Laughing @ Mallethead. Too funny. Im going to work that into a conversation today!

Kate said...

My Guy has officially declared me "painting handicapped". He prefers to work alone when the need aries.