Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting It Done/UFO Challenge 2012 Update

Judy over at Patchwork Times has a new format for making progress on projects for 2013, called Getting it Done.  It's a bit less formal than committing to a list of 12 UFOs for the year, although I did enjoy that as well.  For the new format in 2013, at the end of each month we select four things we want to make progress on in the next month.  So, for January my Getting it Done list is:

1.  Finish chevron tablerunner.
2.  Make heart block tablerunners for Shoppe sales.
3.  Trace at least 4 designs for Greenpiece wool applique blocks and cut out of wool.
4.  Do unsewing on Mystery quilt back and repair to correct length.

In reviewing my list of 12 projects for the UFO Challenge 2012, I'm quite pleased with what got done. My total score was eight finishes out of twelve, which I am feeling really good about.

#1 Judy's Mystery QuiltFebruary's pick.  Needed borders, backing, and quilting.  The top was completed rather quickly since it just needed borders, but I had a more complex idea with the backing which was a FAIL due to miscutting my focus fabric for the center of the pieced back.  That part was rescued but then I again had a FAIL when cutting the side borders, making the quilt at least a foot short.  So that project has been resting ever since.  Progress was made, however!

 #2 Caramel Blues QuiltMay's pick. A 9 patch swap project.  Needed borders, backing, quilting.  The borders, backing and sandwiching progressed fine.  I am now stuck on custom quilting, having started and then removed stipple quilting in variegated thread in the hourglass blocks.  I need to match the thread to the cream background in the hourglass blocks.  I'd estimate the quilting is 2/3 finished in the center; borders will be next.  Again incomplete, but progress made!

#3 Cheddar and Cinnamon Quilt.  July's pick.  This was the only project on the list that had no progress on it--other than to wash the backing fabric, which I don't even remember what I chose!  The top was completed in the 2011 UFO Challenge from another pile of 9 patch swap blocks. 

 #4 Any Witch Way (2).  Swapped for #11, September's pick.  These projects were also on the 2011 challenge list and I had made free-pieced letters for the witches names for one of the two tops; both centers were complete.  One witch quilt was completed and given to my daughter (apparently I never took a photo of the completed quilt).  The other had the names completed, attached, and borders as well.  So, 1 for 2 on that month's pick!

#5 Patriotic Fields Doll Quilt.  January's Pick.  The project needed hand quilting and binding.  Though not completed on deadline, I did eventually put the last stitch into the hand quilting in April, and the binding followed shortly thereafter.  I won a blue ribbon at the County Fair on this quilt (though it should have been hung vertically not horizontally!) 

#6 Yuletide Blessings QuiltOctober's pick.  This project only needed quilting and binding.  It was finally finished as of 10/31/12. I don't have a photo of the completed quilt for some reason but have it hanging over my recliner for the season.

#7 9 Patch QuiltbuddiesAugust's pick.  I smartly only assigned myself finishing the top from the pile of blocks and selected setting fabric for this very large quilt.  The 9 patches were from a swap several years ago with an online group and I got the zigzag setting from  The borders were sewn that way in sort of a mistake but I went with it!  It was completed 9/1/12. 

#8 Greenpiece BOMDecember's pick (previously swapped for March's pick).  The Moda BOM quilt I fell in love with and my hubby bought for me. I had only gotten a few month's worth of the pieced blocks made.  Now it is the month end and while all the pieced blocks are now complete, none of the wool blocks have yet to be! These are the most recent finished blocks: 

#9 TablerunnersSwapped for #8, March's pick.  Two small tablerunners from designer Heather Mulder Peterson. Finished by deadline!

 Party Time runner.
Baby Boxes runner. 

#10 Jewel Box QuiltApril's pick.  Additional blocks were needed to complete the desired setting--many of the blocks were from another swap from several years ago.  I finished this quilt on June 28 and gave it to my boss as a gift, renaming it Jollas de la Mar (Jewels of the Sea).  The quilt is about 65" square but looks rectangular due to the offset layout.

#11 Quiltbuddies Christmas Block SwapSwapped twice to make it November's pick.  A pile of swapped blocks and a sketch turned into a completed top by deadline, 11/30/12.  Not the best photo, however!

#12 Double pink and brown/tan 9 patch blocksJune's pick.  Another 9 patch swap block project.  I had selected a pattern called "X's and O's" from an APQ mag, downsizing it to a tablerunner.  Each large block was 18" or so. This was completed in early September and given to my sister in law as a housewarming gift.

All in all, many happy hours of sewing and quilting represented here (and a number of not so happy hours unpicking and recutting!).  I enjoyed the number picked reveal each month, though I felt free to swap more than once!  Thanks, Judy, for the UFO Challenge. I look forward to the new challenge format this year.


ANudge said...

Annie, what an impressive, productive year you had. I wouldn't mind owning any of those quilts - super! I especially liked the table runner at #9. Great pattern and lovely execution.
Happy Quilting in the New Year!

Janet O. said...

You can be proud of all you got done this year. Very impressive. I especially like Caramel Blues and Cheddar and Cinnamon.

Quilter Kathy said...

You accomplished a lot this year!

Darlene said...

Always love to see your accomplishments. Very productive year, indeed.

Happy New Year, Annie.

Kate said...

Great progress on the UFO's. Congrats on all the progress!

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Your January goals look great. The first three quilts you showed appeal to me very much. I find myself wanting to do the caramel and blues one, especially. I think I might have enough CW blues, for sure!

Denise :) said...

I love the new plan Judy's got for 'Getting it Done' -- it's a bit easier to get a handle on! You've got some great projects selected for January...I need to go through and select my 'get 'er done' (how we say it in the South) projects! :)

Shay said...

You really are a quiet achiever Annie. I had no idea you got so much finished this year. Love them all but I must confess Strawberry Fields is my favourite.

Tanya said...

You have so many beautiful finishes there! I'm inspired!!