Monday, February 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday--Feb 4, 2013

On my design surface today is a scrap project I've been working on.

These were 2.5" squares from my scrap bins that I was using as leader-enders.  Backing, quilting and binding are next for this 32" finished tabletopper.  See more design walls on Judy's Patchwork Times.

My other weekend project was the Sewing Room Switcheroo.  Here's a couple of slightly embarrassing before shots:

This is the former family room of our house that I have taken over.  See the Hoosier cabinet on the left near the window?  It is such a handy storage closet for my quilting items, and the tabletop pulls out.

 However, horizontal surfaces do tend to collect things....and the corner was feeling mighty crowded with the largest piece of furniture on the shortest wall.  Hence, the Switcheroo.
Here is a "during" shot--already the room feels more balanced, no?  Since this pic I've gone through all the project bins you see stacked on the cutting table.  There are over 20 of them that go back into the Hoosier.  In my defense, many of them contain collected fabrics for unstarted projects.  Gulp. The extra plastic scrapbook storage stacker behind the vacuum will hold tools, fusibles/glue, scrap precuts, and embroidery threads.  Feeling pretty good about the changes so far! 


Janet O. said...

Love the little scrap topper!
Your redo inspires me. I ordered a new cutting station that should arrive this week (saved for it since last fall), and when I move it into the sewing room I need to do a major redo.
That is a very cool cabinet.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Hi Annie! I'm back in blogland after a couple months away. I like the new arrangement of furniture and isn't a newly cleaned space so invigorating?

carol fun said...

What a cute little topper - I love scrappy! Your re-arrangement of furniture looks good. But these are always the kind of projects that take longer than anticipated and generate more work than originally planned - good thing the results are good!

McIrish Annie said...

I like the furniture rearranging! Bet hubby was a big help with that.

I really need to start doing leaders/enders. hmmm.

the lake tahoe quilt from road to cali is gorgeous. My son lives in Reno and we have spent many lovely afternoons there. the quiltmaker, Cynthia England, has been doing pictoral quilts forever. She is one of the early artists. I have her book. her process of contructing one is amazing.! thanks for sharing.

Shay said...

I love seeing before and after shots of sewing rooms...I'm always amazed at the magical transformations that seem to take place.

I agree- the room does look more balanced. Cant wait to see the final reveal.

Kris said...

Your room is looking good! Flat surfaces are generally completely covered with stuff here too.

Stephanie said...

Love the bright and happy scraps and that Hoosier Cabinet is a thing of beauty. Stacking happens.

Lorraine said...

Love your sewing room re-do! Always nice to have a clean up, check out all your "stuff" and put it all away again for another the scrappy table topper!

Marg said...

It definitely looks more balanced. I love looking at before and after shots too, it's nice to see how people organize their sewing room and stash.

Allison said...

oh, fun scrappy four-patches!

Kate said...

Love your scrappy four patch.

The room does look more balanced. It must be spring cleaning time because I'm getting the urge to reorganize my sewing room too.