Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Road to California

Taking a break from The Great Sewing Room Switcheroo to post a few more pics from the exhibits at the Road to California 2013 show.  All photos are from that show.

 I love quilts with letters or words.

Gorgeous traditional quilt--sorry for the bit of blurriness.

Oops, there's a typo!  Kim Diehl is one of my favorite designers.  She has such a way with mixing colors, prints, and great applique.
And all with a bit of whimsical attitude, at that.  I really like the sashing strips--simple and effective.

 Totally amazing pictorial quilt.  I could look at this all day and feel the wind and the sun off the ocean.

 And another stunning pictorial quilt, of Lake Tahoe.  My great grandparents had a cabin there for decades.

Love the tree detail, and all the colors in the rocks.

This large quilt was truly detailed beyond belief, and was deservedly a big prizewinner.

Check out the thread work by this lizard.

These photos were not cooperating well, but I finally got them mostly where I wanted them.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed the show.  I'll have some before and after pics tomorrow of the sewing room switcheroo--reorganization  progress.


Janet O. said...

Those arty quilts are amazing, but if I could take home a quilt I would want the Prairie Primrose! : )

Kathie said...

thanks for sharing , keep them coming! I would love to come to this show some day.
the elephant is amazing...
can't wait to see the pictures of the sewing room too!

Marg said...

I really love the first one.

Darlene said...

More yumminess! Thank you again for sharing, Annie!

Shay said...

Lots of what I would call traditional quilts in that lot, although the picture quilts are brilliant to look at . Imagine having that level of skill!

Libby said...

I, too, really like the alphabet quilt . . . . but I am at a loss to understand the words by the maker. I feel like Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) is explaining 'string theory' to me or something.

Patrica said...

Thanks for the show pictures I so wish I could go to this some day.