Monday, November 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday--11/26/18, and Post Thanksgiving Post

It's Design Wall Monday and I have a new/old project.  See more design walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts. 

On my design floor is a Christmas quilt long-in-waiting.  Last year I made 4 patches from charm pack selections with a bunch of additions from stash and a couple of fat quarter purchases for variety.  There was a Christmas in July urge that went unfulfilled until now.  After restoring most of the sewing room post Thanksgiving, I laid out the quilt again and started sewing rows.  

This my Christmas version of Barefoot in the Park by Loft Creations.  All that's left are the corner triangles, which I've already cut.  Lucky find of this Lori Holt fabric for the setting squares that went with all the 4 patch colors. I haven't yet decided if I will add appliqued circles to some of the setting squares per the pattern.

 Also at Superbuzzy I found a suitable aqua print for the borders.  Love the Poinsettias.

I didn't buy very much of this fabric and blame quilt MATH!  Hopefully some kind of decent border will turn out. 

Our Thanksgiving was full and fun with a crowd of 21 for dinner, including our son's girlfriend who had knee surgery the day before, our precious offspring and grandsons, and numerous visitors after.  Two of my mom's brothers (she has 6 younger brothers!) came to help set up and it was fun to get extra time with Jim and David. 

There are many fall/Thanksgiving decorations in my home and I love setting them all up for the occasion.  
My mom gave me this beautiful Williams Sonoma dishtowel this year as part of my birthday gift, and I pinned it up in the half-bath, along with filling the towel shelf. 

In the living/dining room, more Autumn splendor:

The room looked lovely with family linens on the tables, my Grandmother's Franciscan Red Apple Dishes, and Grant's family silverware and crystal, but you'll have to picture that, I have no photos!  Everyone brings a specialty dish to enjoy and there is always a lot of talk and laughter.  This year there was also music, as Uncle Jim brought his guitar and we sang.  My favorite holiday, and there is always room for more at the table.  It is worth all of the work to spend this day together.  

While many folks have already been putting up Christmas lights and trees, my husband and I like to wait until December.  We usually get a fresh tree and don't want it to be tinder dry by December 25th.  There is a Christmas newsletter yet to write--and hopefully actually get out this year, and a whole lot of decorating.  I'm contemplating making a new tree skirt as our decor has changed.  It remains to be seen if time will allow for that sewing ambition!


julieQ said...

OH so pretty!! Lovely have a flair!

Judy Hansen said...

Love your towel from William Sonoma.....they have such pretty things. Your Thanksgiving decorations are all beautiful, and I'd leave them up too! At least until November is over is a good rule.

Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, Judy

Janet O. said...

That will be a fun Christmas quilt. Are you planning to keep it?
Your Thanksgiving decor is very warm and inviting--seems to fit well with the holiday celebration you have described.
I didn't get much of my Thanksgiving stuff out this year, but what came out, is still out.

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous family Thanksgiving. Your decorations are very festive. Hope you get a chance to work on a new tree skirt.