Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Fun

I had Friday off due to the doc I usually work for being out of town.  Grant took me out to breakfast at one our local favorite restaurants, where we sat on the patio in our own arbor.  Afterwards I made the 45 minute drive out to Simi Valley to pick up my sewing machine.  I was so pleased they did the cleaning faster than estimated, in only 9 days rather than 2.5 weeks originally allowed for.  They replaced the thread cutter blade--$9.95--which I hadn't been using as it was dull.  I'll have to remember to push that button after stitching once again.  

A quick stop in the Quilty Pleasures quilting shop across the parking lot resulted in some purchases. 

The yummy cheddar is a Ruby Star Society print.  I love that color and it can be hard to find just that shade.  The fat quarters I picked up go pretty well with it too.  

Back home, I stitched on the label to the Humble Quilts doll quilt and got it mailed off to my swap partner. 

I included a fat quarter from stash, and the tin watermelon from stitching early in the pandemic shutdown--the pattern I bought today.  I hope the doll quilt pleases my partner.  The package was mailed today and expected to take about a week to be delivered to Wisconsin.  

Mini supervised from the box lid :)  The newly cleaned sewing machine got reinstalled in the sewing desk and I tested it out with zigzagging the edges of the linen for the latest cross-stitch project, and sewed up a few leader-ender 2" squares into twosies. Speaking of squares...

While cleaning up the cutting table again, the precut square drawers got a lot of pieces added!  These are all 2.5" squares in stacks about the same depth


Shasta Matova said...

That is a great collection of cheddar fabric. Very smart of you to choose fabric that matches! I wind up buying random fabric that doesn't go together. That is a nice stack of squares too. That would be helpful in quickly getting the next project.

Sherrill said...

Always good to get the sewing machine back from the spa! And LOVE those colors you picked out--gorgeous. Mini is too cute and I'm jealous of your 2.5" square drawer. LOL

Janet O. said...

Beautiful new fabric acquisitions!
My little quilt only went out a day before ours. I just had an email from the recipient today. Good to know it has reached its new home.
Mini makes quite the supervisor. That look speaks volumes!
Isn't it nice to have so many cute squares ready to stitch?

R's Rue said...

Mini is so cute 🥰