Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Working On It

Over the weekend I had planned to start on the Blackbird Designs cross-stitch project, but somehow that never happened.  I did make a trip to Michael's on Friday night to pick up the poor man's Qsnap frame in a larger size...after spending an afternoon hour looking for a set I was sure I had.  Boy, going through my cross-stitching supplies turned up some old memories!  

I stitched these Southwest cacti so long ago that they are back in style now :)  The framing stage is always my hang-up, but the time spent stitching these really does deserve that effort. 

Lots of hoops, charts, and linens in this box, as well as some other half or nearly complete cross stitched pieces.  I have a wooden stretcher bar set in the box, but really like the snap type.  I bought an 11" set----reading reviews, it seems the QSnap brand sets are not interchangeable (as well as expensive), whereas the knockoff from Michael's I was able to combine with the 8" set I already had.  

While I took the photo with the frame set vertically, I will be stitching it held horizontally.  I agreed with many commenters that the clamps are hard to get off--my method is to pry the clamp gently from one end, not the middle.  Anyway, I am ready to get the floss wound on the cards and start stitching. I read on Patchwork Times that there is a Blackbird Designs stitchalong coming up this weekend so perhaps I can join in.

Saturday I took my mom to get her first COVID vaccine.  I took wrong turn and ended up having to backtrack to the unfamiliar clinic, but we were early and things proceeded smoothly once we got in the socially distanced line.  After visiting a while with Mom and Dad, I played in the sewing room with some leftovers in a baggie, which of course I found when I was looking for something else. Squirrel!

These were cutoffs from the Greenpiece quilt and the pinwheels finish at 2.5 inches. 

I like the mini pinwheels on the back too :)  It seems a bit narrow to go around a dolly, except maybe Malibu Barbie, and I'll have to choose some side borders from more Greenpiece scraps. 

Trying to get more finished quilts out the door, I texted my niece Hannah, who just moved to a new house, pics of a few finished tops.   She chose the Plaidish quilt top, which lacked a prepared backing. 

I thought this Comma print from stash was modern enough, but the backing needed to be wider.  It took an inordinate amount of time to audition stash pulls, but finally a solution was located. 

I don't recall where the red fabric came from, but since there is a lot of red in the top, it works for me!  Simple walking foot quilting will ensue when the sandwich is made. This is a free pattern from Kitchen Table Quilting, which is assembled block style.  My version is 6x8 blocks, roughly 60x80, a good couch size quilt.  I'm deep into planning a Bookshelf quilt with my niece Emma, as well.  The scraps and fat quarters need to get into a quilt!  I'm lucky to have such a problem with fabric wealth :)

My sister Kathy had asked me to help her on Sunday for a couple of hours with her own sewing room disaster, as it was so bad that she was not even able to make herself get in there.  I quickly began clearing up the cutting table, as the piles there were immediately in the doorway--that's enough to stop anyone!  We had a very entertaining time cleaning up together for a couple of hours and I left her ready to sit and stitch again soon.  

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Janet O. said...

Aside from the cross-stitch resurfacing when succulents are so hot, and the wonderful start to a doll quilt you have going, I read between the lines how involved you are with family--and how necessary you are to them.