Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Quilting and the Lunar Eclipse

I spent what seemed like all day Sunday quilting the  well-aged Windmill blocks top. I used a tan Aurifil thread and it quilted up like butter. 

The flannel backing piece I had set aside with this top was too narrow, but I don't have much flannel in my stash.  I remembered a bunch of precut flannel strips someone had gifted me, and found just the right number of red strips to seam together for this lap quilt.  Lots of ditch stitching and a zig-zag in the small squares border, all with the walking foot.

Love the texture on the back.  

A scrappy binding will finish off this old UFO!  I plan to trim the quilt first, apply the binding  to the back and stitch it down from the front. 

Months ago I bought a shirt for my husband, but he did not like the fit and I never returned it to Ross Stores and it has been hanging around the sewing room.  It was only $7.99, but a nice brushed 100% cotton in an extra large size.  I decided to cut it up and add it to stash instead of donating it to a thrift store--they are all overloaded with clothing currently! 

I'm sure to find a good use for this as a background or accent.  

Here in SoCal, we had a good view of the lunar eclipse.  

Shot with my iphone.

Here all in shadow. I also followed along on some of the observatory livestreams.    I enjoyed popping outside to take a look with my own eyes.  


Quilter Kathy said...

Great job on the quilting!
Lucky you to see the eclipse... I really wanted to, and I searched the skies in vain... it was too cloudy here :(

Janet O. said...

Hurray for another UFO coming out of the dark, into the light, and the scrappy binding will be a great finishing touch!
That shirt will certainly come in handy in a quilt somewhere along the way.
Great shot of the eclipse. I was in my sewing room, but spent some time on the deck with hubby when he called me to come see what was happening. I'm usually the one trying to get him to come see what is happening in the sky, so it was a role reversal. :)

Tanya said...

The texture on the back of your quilt is wonderful!

I've cut up a few shirts too thinking that I'll buy Bonnie Hunter's book on Scraps and Shirtails (or something like that). I still have the cut up pieces of numerous sleeves and backs in a box somewhere!

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